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Company Responsibilities

At Bruce Technnologies, we strongly believe that we should consider the interests of the
global community when conducting our business, ensuring that we function in an ethical and responsible way at all times.

This involves considering the impact of our activities on society and the environment at
large, as well as acting responsibly towards our customers, suppliers, employees,
shareholders and communities.

These are outlined below:

Supply chain: Building long term relationships with our customers and suppliers

  • Communicate and treat our suppliers/customers with fairness and courtesy as
    dictated by our internal values.
  • Work with all of our customers and suppliers regarding environmental initiatives,
    encouraging them to help us to jointly reduce the environmental impact of our work.
  • Work in partnership with our suppliers to enhance the quality and performance of the
    items they supply.
  • We will work in partnership with our customers to develop and improve both e2v's
    products and the systems in which our products are incorporated.
  • Assess all potential suppliers against an ethical and environmental questionnaire prior
    to being added to our supplier lists.

Employees: Recognising the importance of our people

  • Comply with all legislation relating to employee relations in the countries in which we operate.
  • Maintain an equal opportunities policy in line with, and going beyond, regulations.
  • Comply with, and where possible exceed, health and safety regulations.
  • Facilitate and encourage two-way communications at Bruce Technologies.
  • Maintain and benchmark a policy ensuring Bruce Technologies offers competitive work packages.
  • Create a great working environment where people want to work.
  • Maximise employee engagement through listening to all of our employees and proactively improving how we work together.

Environment: Minimising the adverse impact of our activities on the environment

  • Challenge our processes to continually reduce our impact on the environment.
  • In so doing, reduce waste and our carbon footprint.
  • Work with our suppliers and customers, to improve our combined impact on the environment.

Suppliers: We asking all of our suppliers to join us in taking steps towards a Safe and Clean Environment. (see attached Supplier Letter)

BTI Env 2012

CO2 Emissions: Our target is to reduce our Emissions for Scope 1 & 2 Emissions 10%. Our emissions are directly affected by business levels and seasons. (See Below)