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VCVD - Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition

Bruce Technologies Inc. guarantees the performance of its Atmospheric and VCVD systems, using BTI demonstrated recipes, to meet the process specification listed below. Demonstration of this performance at the customer location, using customer-supplied materials, constitutes fulfillment of this guarantee. The furnace, controller, and gas delivery systems are not affected by this guarantee

  • Flat, Doped or Ramped Polysilicon
  • Silicon Nitride
  • TEOS (Tetraethylorthosilicate)
  • HTO or LTO (High or Low Temperature Oxide)
  • PSG (phosphosilicate glass) or BPSG (boron phosphosilicate glass)

Safety Features

Hardware Safety Interlocks

  • Vacuum Valves, Inhibited Until Load Door Closed
  • N2 Pressure Required to Enable Vaccum Request
  • Boatloader Movement Disabled When Tube Pressure Below One ATM
  • Programmable Leak Check Activated Alarm > 10 mtorr/min.  (Adjustable in the Field)
  • Auto N2 Purge Initiated Prior to Tube Backfill Function
  • N2 Purge of Pump Oil Reservoir
  • All Toxic Gas Flow Prevented Above 900 mtorr
  • Pressure Must Pass Through 900 mtorr For Toxic Gas Flow (Baratron Integrity)
  • Additional Safety Provisions For Facility Interlocks

Going 150 mm in a BDF 4

Running 125mm on a BDF 4 and want to move up to 150mm but keep the same (or near same) recipe and don't require more than 3 zone control, than we might have an affordable option for you. The BDF 30 is a proven solution for those don't want want to buy a new or used furnace and can live with the capacity from (3) stack 150mm BDF 4.

  • Complete Scavenger/Furnace Replace
  • Easy installation
  • Retain all knowledge base of the 7351 controls
  • Gain a process tubes worth of spare parts

General Services

    Bruce Technologies offers a variety  horizontal furnace upgrades that are specifically designed to maximize performance and minimize cost-of-ownership. With over 30 years of OEM experience, Bruce Technologies remains your first choice for all types of furnace equipment upgrades. The list below represents a small sample of available retrofits.

    Compete Furnace Rebuilds:

  • Consolidation (2) furnaces into (1)
  • Used Furnace & Automation utilizing customer owned materials