OEM “As-Is”; Installation Ready; Inspection Report Provided and 90-day warranty on all controls.

DBTB-3 (RPEC-4615)
Tube #1: Oxide (1250°C Max) (AR, O2, N2, LoN2)
Tube #2: Oxide (1250°C Max) (AR, O2, N2, LoN2)
Tube #3: Atmoscan Oxide (1150°C Max) (AR, O2, N2)
Tube #4: Atmoscan Oxide (1150°C Max) (O2, H2, N2, LoN2)


  • Right Hand
  • Description says setup for 4”
  • Wired for 480V
  • Rebuild of DSMG-3A (87 vintage)
  • Tubes-1+2 with rebuild 7680 loaders with multi-axis saddles and ATM Door Closures
  • Tubes-3+4 with customer supplied Atmoscans.
  • Up Scavenger Exhaust
  • Rear breaker assembly with GE main, tube  and 10KVA breakers
  • bulkhead cabling, Photohelic gauges
  • Heat Exchanger with up exhaust and rear plumbing
  • 2x High Temp 9051885 cores (PE says 1 is burnt)
  • 2x Std Temp 2962044 cores
  • 185ID tube supports on tube-1
  • 200ID tube supports on tubes-2/4
  • GFI tubes-1/2
  • Intempos
  • “Doghouse” and bulkhead panels are removed in picture
  • Tubes-1+2 – 54DryOx/AR/TLC gas panels
  • Tube-3 – 33DryOx/AR gas panel
  • Tube-4 – 54PYRO/TLC gas panel for Internal Torch
  • plumbing set up for 3x ATCS15 refurbished TLC bubblers (bubblers not included)
  • 20 amp tube level breakers and receptacles
  • Rebuilt 7355x 2.3 DDCs (new screens)
  • Rebuilt individual I/O modules
  • Rebuilt 7680 Boatloader Controllers
  • Rebuilt Alarm Processor


  • Fab:  Perkin Elmer
  • Original Year Shipped:  2006
  • Incoming Condition:  Good

Source Inspection Results:  To be completed upon order

Contact Person:

  • Phillip Hankins, General Manager
  • 18 Esquire Road, Billerica, MA 01862
  • (m) 602-502-8864
  • (e) phankins@brucetechnologiesinc.com