Field Engineering

Highly trained Field Service Engineers are available to assist our customers with any planned projects or unexpected equipment problems that may arise. These types of visits are handled through an hourly service contract. The types of activities most commonly requested.

  • Emergency Services
  • Installation Services (Retrofits / Furnaces)
  • Preventative Maintenance (On Call / Yearly Contract)
  • Training

Maintenance Services: To keep equipment running efficiently and to reduce the downtime associated with unexpected maintenance requirements, Bruce Technologies Inc. has developed on-site assistance program for a predetermined number of service calls to complete scheduled maintenance tasks. This service can also include assistance and training of your own maintenance function.

APEX Support Contracts: Bruce Technologies Inc. provides APEX support services to assist in troubleshooting specific process or applications problems or requirements associated with your APEX Process Management Software system.

Equipment Audits:
Bruce Technologies offers all potential buyers of used equipment the services to conduct equipment audits for form, fit and function.


Since 1996, Bruce changed temperature controllers to the INTEMPOS. Many customers have retrofitted this controller but may not have fully-implemented all the productivity improvements built into the controller. Please contact us for more information.

Component Repairs

All components being returned for repair require a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Authorization can be obtained by contacting the Bruce Technologies Inc. Parts Department at (978) 262-2178. An RGA Request Form will be forwarded prior to any authorization.

All components are to be free of contaminants and should be returned with a completed RGA Request Form, tagged, and accompanied with a purchase order to process the item(s) to:

Bruce Technologies Inc.
23 Esquire Road
North Billerica, MA 01862-2501
Attn: BTI Parts Department 

Warranty for components repaired by BTI will be ninety (90) days from the date that the component was shipped from BTI to the customer. Payment terms are F.O.B., Billerica, MA and are Net 30 days, unless otherwise specified.

Material Return Policy 

Any components being returned to BTI Customer Service for warranty service and/or disposition must be authorized by a BTI Parts Representative prior to its return. During authorization, a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number will be issued along with any special shipping instructions.

All electronic components should be tagged and accompanied with an RGA Request Form. The form should be filled out completely, but most importantly, the following information is required to expedite the repair and return of the part(s).

  • Customer contact and telephone number
  • Description of part(s) and BTI Part # (if known)
  • Equipment number part(s) was removed from
  • Complete description of component failure

Components must be free from contaminants and conform to O.S.H.A., E.P.A., D.O.T., and state and local regulations regarding the handling and disposal of contaminated materials.

Components must be returned with a completed RGA Request Form to the following address, and the RGA # should be placed on the outside of the package:

Bruce Technologies Inc.
23 Esquire Road
North Billerica, MA 01862-2501
Attn: BTI Parts Department

For authorization of part(s) returns and/or a supply of BTI Return Tags or RGA Request Forms, customers can contact the BTI Parts Department:

Americas: 1-800-998-0666 or 978-215-3159
Europe: +44(0) 1252-660010
China: +86-21-58669098
Asia/Pacific: +65-741-4567:

Recommended Spare Parts: