Keep your Bruce Diffusion Furnace productive for many years by upgrading key components.   From automation to furnace controllers Bruce Technologies has the solutions made only for BDF furnaces.  Trust the furnace experts – no one knows Bruce furnaces better.


Bespoke solutions to enhance productivity and reliability

As the original equipment maker (OEM) of the Bruce Diffusion Furnace no one knows it better.   BDF furnaces of any age can be upgraded with new temperature controls, furnace control automation, high performance heating elements and wafer/boat handling automation.   These enhancements pay back quickly with gains in throughput and yield.  Contact our team to find out what is available for your system.

APEX Supervisory System

Apex is a software application that provides a set of tools for automating wafer processing including recipe management, tube status and data collection.

7360 DDC Tube Controller

The 7360 DDC Tube Independent Controller simplifies the trouble shooting of furnace issues, resulting in a dramatic reduction in furnace downtime.  


Bruce Technologies offers a wide selection of automation solutions for BDF horizontal furnaces including boatloaders and wafer transfer.   Automation upgrades payback quickly with increases in worker safety and decreases in particulate contamination.