Problem: Conventional POCL3 process causes corrosion of scavenger system and can lead to contamination by POCl gasses into the clean room.

Solution: Clean POCL3 with partial pressure redirects the flows of POCL3 to come IN and OUT of the process tube through the source cabinet. It is condensed safely away from the clean room and operators allowing for easy disposal and clean disposal.

Retrofit Kit Components:
• loading: Duralift™ Soft-lander & Quartz
• Scavenger: Autodoor Closure & Quartz Liner
• Element, Process Tube and Tube Supports
• Rear Exhaust and Containment Assembly
• Possible Gas Panel or Wafer Panel depending on existing configuration.

• low Thermal Mass, Fast Temperature Recovery
• Excellent Process Uniformity
• No “Shadow Effecf’ from SiC Paddle
• No Cold Spots to condense POCL3
• Reduced Contamination on Scavenger Exhaust
• Fewer Components in contact with POCL3
• Fully Sealed Process Tube with Rear Exhaust
• Safer Environment